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Natural and Organic Cat & Dog Food & Treats

Our assortment includes Orijen, Acana Heritage, Taste of the Wild, Stella & Chewy, Weruva, Merrick, Wellness and more.  Many other brands can be special ordered for you. Ask us for availability and pricing.

Delicious & Functional Treats

TChoose from a wide assortment of biscuits, jerky, sausage, fish, lamb or pig ears and freeze dried treats.
Food sensitivities or allergies? You might want to try Barkworthies Kangaroo tails, jerky or steaks.
Interested in improving dental health? Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste or Plaque Zapper may be the right addition to your dental routine.
Hairballs a constant challenge? Try Sentry or Vets Best hairball chewables or relief.
Need a longer lasting chew? An antler, Himalayan Cheese chew or a bully stick might be your choice.
Is your dog anxiously awaiting your return home or about to celebrate a birthday? Our bakery case may hold the cookie that’s just right!

Brushless Tooth paste

Special Orders & Shipping

If there's a particular item you're interested in, we can special order and have it within 10 days. Many customers also want to receive products from us once they return home from vacation. Contact us directly to learn details about shipping items directly to your home.